Balancing Pitta Dosha


Yes you have to get this right, you are the “impatient fix it” person. Action stations here you come. When pitta dominates our mind body-type it’s easy to over exert, over eat, over work, over everything in your desire for beauty, order, perfection or success. Chill out time my friend!

Pitta elements              

Here is how it works, pitta is predominated by the elements fire and water- the water element relates in our bodies to digestive juices and blood. When pitta is imbalanced or in excess for your nature-or Prakriti- we accumulate excess heat inside. Heat leads to dryness, inflammation and itchiness. Acidity, redness, impatience and irritability are also common signs of pitta imbalance.

Pitta governs digestion and metabolism, how you digest your food, everything you see-sight is governed by pitta dosha-everything you experience and everything you feel needs to be ‘digested’and metabolised. Anything that overloads us (stresses us) effects pitta dosha.

Pitta is imbalanced due to:

  • Excessive heat and sun
  • Alcohol and smoking,
  • Fasting and skipping meals
  • Time pressure, deadlines
  • Excessive activity
  • Too much spicy, sour ,salty food

When out of balance Pitta might underlie:

Demanding behaviour, excessive perfectionism, tendency toward frustration or anger, skin rashes-the skin is governed by pitta dosha. Irritability, impatience- ok I am going as fast as I can using bullet points not sentences! Early greying or hair loss- NO not you….hmmm, red, blood shot eyes, eyesight deterioration and heartburn.

Balance Pitta by increasing the opposite qualities in your diet, routine & lifestyle:

  • Cooling environments-holiday in lush green forests, swimming, looking at natural beauty. A coconut and mango tree will provide perfect cooling foods!
  • Increase sweet, bitter and astringent tastes
  • Regular meal times, especially at lunch when the sun increases heat in the environment and your body.
  • Leisure time- structure relaxation into your daily routine, learn to meditate properly without concentration.
  • Roses everything and anything, smell them ,admire them, eat rose petal jam and add rose water to drinks. Add ghee to your diet.
  • Use pitta Maharishi Ayurveda products like pitta herbal tea, pitta aroma, pitta spice mix, rose petal jam, organic ghee, Rain Melody by Maharishi Gandharva Veda music.
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Best occupations for pitta predominant types:

Promotional, artistic, entrepreneurial, action orientated roles suit pitta types. You are not shy of the spotlight so acting and sales works well. Color, beauty and a love of nature along with the ability to over exert yourself makes landscape gardening a good choice, digging in the soil grounds you.

Tips for dealing with pitta imbalanced people:

Don’t discuss deadlines, or problems just before lunch. Don’t make them wait for food, actually avoid making them wait for anything.

Relationships are based on balance

When your doshas are balanced-you are living the unique balance of the 3 doshas that is your nature or Prakritti- you will be radiantly happy, blissful and most able to enjoy all your relationships. Problems and strain occur when we are out of balance – then the not so healthy and not so easy to live with aspects of any dosha are on show. The key to successful relationships is to balance the underlying fundamental principals of mind and body, the 3 doshas.

Successful relationships are based on your ability to give, when you are tired and strained you don’t have so much to give…… this 3 minute Maharishi video on relationships.

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