Collective Health Measures

chart_meissner01--w250h183Social stress is increasingly recognised as a contributing factor to the burden of illness in the community. Increased crime rate, an indicator of social stress, has been correlated with increased incidence of hypertension (high blood pressure).

It’s interesting that when there are enough peaceful people in a community the opposite is found – crime rate, violence, heart attacks and other measures of social disorder reduce. Just as the practice of Transcendental Meditation is effective is reducing stress and restoring peace to the individual, the group practice of TM and its advanced techniques (including Yogic Flying) has been found effective in neutralizing social stress and restoring peace and harmony to the community. Published rigorously designed scientific studies have verified this effect – known as the Maharishi Effect.chart_meissner02--w250h197

A group of such peace makers, established in every community is a powerful tool to secure health and harmony on a collective level. In this way Maharishi Ayurveda promises to restore health to individual and at same time create a “disease free society”.




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