Consciousness Based

The inner intelligence of your body underlies the diverse activities of every cell and every organ. It drives, regulates and co-ordinates all bodily functions so that your body operates as one coherent, orderly whole.

Your thoughts, feelings and perceptions are vibrations of your consciousness. So too are the regulatory factors that orchestrate your body – your body’s intelligence is ultimately consciousness . Consciousness, for example, vibrates to create a mood experienced subjectively as happiness and at the same time creates a molecule detected objectively as the neuropeptide,serotonin.


Maharishi Ayurveda operates at this junction point between consciousness and its fluctuations, between your body and its inner intelligence.  An expert in pulse diagnosis can detect the fine vibrations of consciousness as they translate into the building blocks of your bones, the functioning of your liver or your emotional state.  Pulse diagnosis can pin point any fluctuations at this level that are not in the direction of creating perfect health, idnetifying the ultimate cause of disease.

The health of your body and mind very much depend on the quality of your consciousness, orawareness. The more settled and fulfilled, the more well you feel, and the more aware you’ll be of your body and its needs. Hence developing a more settled, alert and integrated consciousness is fundamental to developing high-level health and wellness. For this reason the practice of Transcendental Meditation, which spontaneously develops your state of consciousness, is recommended as part of the Maharishi Ayurveda approach.

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