Daily and Seasonal Routines

hot-water-herbal-tea-sipping--w250h375Ayurveda has long recognised the importance of aligning our activities with the cycles of nature. The cyclical production of hormones in your body reflects the rhythms of nature. To constantly engage in activities that are out of synchrony with our biorhythms is a major cause of stress and imbalance.

For this reason your Maharishi Ayurveda consultant will recommend that you retire and wake, eat and exercise, work and play when your body is programmed for it. This is the first step to effective time management in today’s busy world.

Your lifestyle also needs to adapt to seasonal changes. Cultural traditions often serve to reset diet and lifestyle in accord with the needs of the coming season. Similarly the routine recommended by your Maharishi Ayurveda consultant will be adjusted to the seasonal influences on your health.

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