Eliminates the cause of imbalance – Pragya-aparadh

health-is-the-greatest-gift--w376h251Disturbance on a molecular level is a result of imbalance at a much deeper level of your make-up. Maharishi Ayurveda recognises that the root cause of disease and unhealthy ageing is pragya-aparadh (the mistaken intellect). This is what gives rise to poor diet and lifestyle choices and leads to unhealthy habits.

With the pressures of life, we tend lose ourselves in life’s dramas and fail to appreciate our body’s inner directives. When your awareness is blurred in this way, you are likely to err in your diet and lifestyle choices. Your decisions are based on short-term satisfaction rather than long-term health and fullfilment. Instead of resting, you stay up late to finish a project; instead of stopping for lunch you snack, etc. The result is imbalance, disease and unhealthy ageing.

Regaining health requires realignment of your desires and inclinations with your body’s intelligence. This is achieved in Maharishi Ayurveda by enlivening the connection between mind and body, by creating a “flood” of ojas in your body. When Ojas is functioning optimally your mind is fully alert – you become more aware of your body’s signals. Your desires and inclinations naturally realign with your body’s needs. Spontaneously you make positive diet and lifestyle choices – see research. This is how years of bad habits are overome naturally and the cause of disease and unhealthy ageing eliminated.

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