Environmental health measures

Jyotish--w250h223The cycles of nature are reflected in our body’s own biorhythms – be they the 24 hour cycle of day and night, the 28 day monthly cycle of the moon or the yearly cycle of sun. The effect of these cycles on our mental and physical health are well known and have given rise to a new health science known as “Chronobiology”.

The ancient texts of Ayurveda have also recorded the influences of these cycles on our health and include detailed recommendations for daily and seasonal routines to avert the consequences of behaving out of synchrony with nature’s rhythms. In addition it recognises the cyclical influences of the planets and stars on our mental and emotional well-being, our health, our behaviour and overall fortune.

Maharishi Ayurveda employs Vedic technologies to chart how these influences impact our health over time and recommends measures to neutralise any influence that could lead to faulty gene expression or tendencies that may harm our health. In this way we can more effectively secure the future health and good fortune of our selves, our family and even our community.

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