Health promoting Home and Workplace

sthap-image-re-directions--w250h274The harmful consequences of poor building and urban design such as “sick building syndrome” have resulted in a growing interest in sustainable green building technologies. The timeless wisdom of Sthapatya Veda, now known as Maharishi Vastu® architecture, incorporates technologies for design that go beyond sustainability but more importantly promote health, harmony and abundance.

Maharishi Vastu® architecture is design and building in according with Natural Law. It connects individual intelligence with cosmic intelligence – bringing the nourishing influence of nature’s intelligence to your home, your workplace, or your entire community. It sthap-brain-orient--w250h252 utilises several key natural-law based Vedic principles including the right orientation, right placement of rooms and right proportions and measurements.

There are many benefits reported by people who live and work in Vastu buildings including: clearer and more creative thinking, better decision making, better health, more happiness, more energy, more refreshing sleep, less stress and greater peace of mind. Research confirms that Maharishi Vastu buildings optimise the brain function, leading to greater health, financial success, and well-being.

Scientific studies show that the neurons in our brain actually fire differently depending on what direction we are facing. There are also “place neurons” in the brain that signal our body’s orientation in a room or environment. Thus, the way we face influences brain and body functioning.

The ancient knowledge of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture goes much further. It describes how our spatial orientation influences our minds and bodies. When we live or work in buildings with improper orientation or proportion, the firing patterns of the neurons are reset in the wrong way. This can contribute to anxiety, illness, lack of creativity, failure in family and professional life, anti-social behaviour, and even criminal tendencies.

In particular, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture clearly states that our brain functions optimally when our house is oriented toward the east, the direction of the rising sun.

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