Your body is built of layers, from the macroscopic to the microscopic – from organs, to cells, to molecules. Medical technology has advanced such that it can manipulate cellular and organ function from the deeper molecular level, through the use of drugs. However this molecular approach is very complex and diverse, hence it is thwart with complications.

Maharishi Ayurveda recognises that beyond the molecular and subatomic levels is something more fundamental yet more simple and unified. This is the intelligence of the body which drives and co-ordinates the diverse functions of all molecules, cells and organs. This is synonomous with the understanding of quantum physics, which identifies a non-material Unified Field that underlies and influences all matter.


Because Maharishi Ayurveda works at the foundation of your health, the recommendations your receive from a Maharishi Ayurveda consultant are often very simple, yet very efffective. By restoring balance there, Maharishi Ayurveda brings your whole body and mind back into balance, without causing problems elsewhere, i.e. without side-effects. This is the ideal of holistic health care.

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