Maharishi Aroma Therapy

vedaroma-rosa-damascena-distilled--w250h327Essential oils are concentrated plant life and sunlight energy – the essential “life force” of the plant. They awaken the inner intelligence of your mind and body – enlivening the body’s self-healing mechanisms and restoring wholeness, health and life in body, mind, and emotion.

The VedAroma oils recommend by the Maharishi Aroma Therapists are pure organic or wild-harvested essential oils produced in the time-honoured traditions of a few families. They are powerful substances, which are able to quickly uplift and cheer, calm and relax, enliven and inspire, harmonize and balance, help relieve mental and physical problems, improve digestion, appetite, sleep, and mental clarity, and promote bliss and well-being.

aroma-smelling-lady--w250h375Research has shown that people who use essential oils regularly have a higher level of resistance to illness, catch fewer colds than average, and recover quickly if they do become ill. A recent study found that VedAroma Highland Lavender for example induced a remarkably high level of global brainwave coherence, which indicates a profoundly settled state of mind/body balance.

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