womenhealth--w248h250Menopause is a natural change in the physiology and occurs for a good reason. Cessation of periods occurs to prevent childbirth at a time when the body can no longer comfortably cope with it. When balanced, a women’s physiology can experience this change without discomfort or emotional distress. Pain, moodiness, fluctuations in weight, hot flushes and low energy are just symptomatic of imbalance.

To experience a natural, balanced menopause it is necessary to understand and adjust the lifestyle and dietary habits, which are causing the symptoms.

Maharishi Ayurveda not only looks at all the aspects of your life, it looks at you as a unique individual. Each of us has a different combination of doshas and therefore needs different advice to suit our unique physiology. A woman with a predominance of Kapha may need to keep up her regular exercise program as she goes through menopause womeninnerhealth--w248h248while for a woman with more Vata in her nature, rest may be the key to maintaining balance.

Menopausal symptoms indicate which dosha is out of balance. Excess Vata gives vaginal dryness, anxiety, mood swings, dry skin, constipation, forgetfulness and insomnia. Too much Pitta results in hot flushes, heavy bleeding, irritability, increased bowel movements and skin problems. Kapha out of balance causes excessive weight gain, fluid retention, breast swelling and lethargy. It is possible to have more than one dosha out of balance and this may change due to the season or even the time of day. Pulse diagnosis is used to determine your constitutional type and which doshas are out of balance.

Randomly adding hormones and sythesised ingredients to the physiology can upset its Find-a-Practitioner--w248h44natural balance and create problems worse than the one initially being treated. Maharishi Ayurveda supports your overall health during menopause by strengthening your physiology’s own healing intelligence and balancing mechanisms.

By bringing balance to your internal cycles and clearing away wastes and impurities, your body can best absorb the decreasing estrogen available. Fatigue, weight gain, depression and hot flushes are reduced when your physiology is acting at its most efficient.

Menopause need not be a time of fear and discomfort. By taking a holistic look at your life and making some health promoting adjustments it can be a time to purify and balance your self.

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