The Menstrual Cycle

healthy-food-high-res-photo--w248h166Far from being ‘the curse’ the menstrual is actually a woman’s health advantage. It is a time when the physiology purifies itself and tries to regain balance. PMS and menstrual are just the body’s cry for help. How easily a woman passes through her menstrual cycles depends of the amount of impurities and degree of imbalance in the physiology.

Dosha Balancing

Over 150 symptoms in nearly every organ system in the body have been attributed to hot-water-herbal-tea-sipping--w250h375PMS and as a result, finding a solution has had limited success. Ayurveda understands PMS and menstrual problems are due to imbalances in the doshas.

Airy Vata out of balance gives rise to sweet cravings, insomnia, constipation, irregular periods and cramping. Too much of Pitta’s fire can cause irritability, skin problems, migraines and excessive bleeding. While the heavy, sticky qualities of excess Kapha manifest as weight gain, fluid retention, lethargy and depression.

Vata is soothed by following a regular routine, getting enough rest and favouring warm, unctuous food. Pitta is balanced by relaxation, being in nature and favouring cooling foods such as fresh fruit and salad. Kapha is reduced by getting up early, exercising and eating wholegrains and cooked vegetables.

Reducing Impurities

Weak digestion, poor diet, excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption and not enough exercise all contributes to a build up of toxins in the body. The physiology attempts to clean them out during the period. The effectiveness of this purification and the level of smooth-cycle-tea--w248h198discomfort depends on the amount of impurities present. Taking more rest, sipping boiled warm water and avoiding heavy foods such as cheese, chocolate and meat will aid in the menstrual purification process.

Take some Rest

During menstruation the body naturally wants to rest and you may feel more sensitive or inward. This is a subtle message to slow down. Taking it easy on the first few days of your period, reducing your exercise program and having time to yourself will help you to have a smoother time during menstruation.

Herbal Preparations

Many women just accept that taking something when they get their period is a normal part of life. By introducing chemicals to suppress or alter our natural mechanisms, the hormonal balance is further disturbed resulting in more severe problems later down the track. Instead of creating artificial cycles by going on the pill or suppressing the symptoms with painkillers, it is possible to remove the cause of the problem. Maharishi Ayurveda offers herbal preparations to support a women’s physiology and provide balance to the natural cycles.

The easiest way to ensure a comfortable period is not to accumulate toxins, stress and fatigue during the month. This is best done by living a regular lifestyle, following dosha balancing recommendations according to your constitutional type and limiting your amount of junk food, alcohol and caffeine.

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Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.
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