Mind and memory

profile-meditating-lady_article_tuneup--w248h133According to Maharishi Ayurveda, mental ability is determined by 3 key factors: “dhi” – acquisition of knowledge (governed by Vata), “dhriti” – processing and retention of knowledge (governed by Pitta), and “smriti” – memory or recall (governed by Kapha).



Peak mental functioning, requires each of these factors needs to be optimal. To achieve this it is recommended to avoid:

  • irregular, rushed lifestyle
  • canned foods, foods preserved with artificial additives and preservatives,
  • missing sleep
  • foods with artificial colours and flavours
  • sitting for long periods without breaks
  • alcohol and stimulants like caffeine and nicotine
  • restraining or forcing natural urges
  • cold dinks with meals
  • overly strenuous exercise or excessive sexual activity
  • cold, dry and raw foods
  • stale, processed and genetically modified foods

And to favour:

  • regular practice of Transcendental Meditation – shown to promote blood flow to and coherent EEG pattern in the prefrontal cortex of brain which is responsible for higher cognitive functions.
  • ghee, almonds and walnuts which are known to be brain foods
  • early to bed
  • spices like black pepper to clear the macro and micro circulation of the brain
  • regular unrushed routine and foot massage
  • eat in a settled mind
  • a healthy work / life balance
  • foods like blueberries and herbs like turmeric, and Amrit Kalash with strong anti-oxidant properties to reduce oxidative damage to the brain
  • early morning walk
  • herbs known to directly enhance acquisition, retention and recall such as shankapuspi (aloeweed), brahmi (bacopa)and gotu kola (indian pennywort)
  • herbs like ashwagandha (wintercherry) which enhance mental resistance to stress and promote the growth of nerve fibres
  • daily oil massage
  • essential oils like Basil & Rosemary to enhance mental clarity & alertness
  • keep your mind active– read, memorise poetry, learn a new language or musical instrument
  • fresh, organic foods that are in season
  • a balanced diet suited to your predominant dosha
  • sweet juicy fruits, raisins and dates
Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.
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