The Anti-Ageing Factor


Ojas is the antidote to ageing. In the Ayurvedic texts Ojas is defined as the subtle essence of the body. “There can be no life without Ojas“, states Charak Samhita. Ojas is link between the physiology and consciousness, between body and its inner intelligence and hence responsible for the harmonious function of all aspects of your cells and organs.

Ojas is the key to perfect health, happiness and brain integration (enlightenment). When you are feeling well, Ojas is apparent in the glow of your complexion or the sparkle in your eyes. The more ojas, the more vitality, wellness and youthfulness you experience. Ojas is also important for your immunity and resistant to disease.

The Ayurvedic texts outline measures to ensure Ojas is produced and maintained at an optimal level. Missing sleep, overexerting, over indulgence in alcohol or sex will deplete your Ojas. On the other hand a balanced sleep routine, regular meditation, regular intake of milk and ghee, love and compassion, respect for teachers and elders, being calm and positive and keeping the company of the wise are all considered behavioural resayanas (behaviours that enhance Ojas).

The Bliss Factor

Ojas is a substance produced by your digestive system. To generate Ojas you need a strong and efficient digestive system. Without a healthy digestion, even the most nutritious food will not be transformed into Ojas. Hence strengthening the digestive fire(Agni) is a major focus of AyurvedaYour digestive strength is influenced by many things but most importantly your mental state. If you are worried, angry or depressed, your digestion is weakened and your ability to generate Ojas is reduced. On the other hand if you are happy and enjoying life you digest much better and Ojas is the natural outcome.When your mind transcends and experiences a state of “blissduring Transcendental Meditation (TM), you therefore are doing your health a big favour. The heightened mood experienced in TM,is a powerful boost to your Ojas and the basis for increased happiness and youthfulness found with its regular practice.

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