Other chronic disorders

1. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology in 213 individuals over three sessions resulted in 40% self reported improvement in chronic disorders. Conditions related to neck pain improved the most (51.25%), followed by respiratory ailments (48.00%), digestive problems (46.90%), mental health, including anxiety and depression (46.34%), arthritis (41.57%), insomnia (37.38%), back pain (36.32%), headaches (35.83%), cardiovascular conditions (22.31%), and eye problems (21.19%). Findings also showed significant reductions in frequency and intensity of discomfort and an overall improvement in mental health and vitality. Frontiers in Bioscience 2001; 6:H1-6.

2. Improved outcomes were documented for 4 patients using an intensive multimodality MVHC program in an ideal clinical setting. One had sarcoidosis; another Parkinson’s disease; a third renal hypertension; and a fourth diabetes/essential hypertension/anxiety disorder. Standard symptom reports and objective markers of disease were evaluated before, during, and after the treatment period. Results suggested substantial improvements as indicated by reductions in major signs, symptoms, and use of conventional medications in the four patients during a 3-week in-residence treatment phase and continuing through the home follow-up program. Behavioral Medicine 2000; 26(1):34-46.

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