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Antibacterial Activity in Maharishi Vedic Organic Honey

Tests conducted by the Food Research Laboratory, Tokyo Food sanitation Assoc Tokyo, no.03293, Jan 15th 2007. Found that Maharishi Honey has a significantly faster antibacterial activity than Manuka Honey (UMF30)

HMF is a checmical formed during the thermal decomposition of sugars and carbohydrates. Honey deteriorates with heating, destroying the numerous health-promoting enzymes it contains and with this the HMF increases.

Maharishi Honey consistently records very low HMF levels in tests, confirming that it is a fresh, unheated and unadulterated, and therefore contains all the natural, nourishing, health-promoting properties of a really pure top quality honey. In fact it maintained it’s integrity far longer under body temperature conditions than Manuka Honey. After 1 hour an original 2,600,000 bacteria had reduced to 410,00 in Manuka Honey and 12,970 and 140 bacteria in tests on 3 seperate batches of Maharishi Honey.

After 3 hours in Manuka UMF30 Honey there where 150,000 bacteria remaining while the Maharishi Honey samples significantly less bacteria had survived only 2, 760, and 25 bacteria in each of the 3 samples tested.

Increased intelligence & creativity

Three randomised studies found more creativity and intelligence, less anxiety and faster thinking in students who learned the Transcendental Meditation technique. Intelligence 2001; 29(5);419-440

GandhavaVeda Music Research

1. Tests with plants: the plant which was closest to the source of sound virtually embraced the loudspeaker, when Gandharva Veda music was played. When Hard-Rock music was used, the plants obviously tried to escape the sound.

Source: “The secret life of plants”, by Bird & Tompkins.

2. Integrating effect on the brain functions of humans: the electrical potentials of the activity of the brain before and during the listening of Gandharva Veda music were analyzed by a computer, for frequencies as Delta-, Theta-, Alpha- and Beta-waves. While listening to Gandharva Veda music, a clear increase of the electrical potentials within the Theta-wave-range (frequencies 4­8) can be observed. A similar effect has been found during the practice of Transcendental Meditation, where it correlates with a state of relaxation and the experience of bliss.

3. The growth of isolated cells (including tumor cells) was retarded when the sounds of Sama Veda were played (Sama Veda is said to be the origin of Gandharva Veda music).

Source: Alternative Therapies in Clinical Practice, 1996, Vol. 3(4).

4. Decreased tension, decreased irritability, less lethargy and increased brain wave activity in the Alpha- Beta- and Theta ranges verify the relaxing and integrating effects of this music.

Source: Dissertation of Theresa Olson-Sorflaten, 1995, USA.

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