Personalised diet and digestion programs

hot-water-herbal-tea-sipping--w250h375In the Ayurvedic texts it states, “Without proper diet what is the use of medicine, with proper diet what is the need for medicine.” Hence a balanced diet is central to your prescription for health.

Food is assessed in terms of its tastes and qualities on this basis the right balance is determined for you. The dietary recommendations are tailored to your specific imbalance, your digestive strength, your emotional state, your specific tolerances and intolerances, your cultural background and your daily responsibilities. Ultimately the goal is for you to be directed by your natural inclinations and tastes. So there is no need for great discipline or control.

In any consideration of diet, it is important to ensure your digestion is optimal. You can be eating healthy food but if you are not digesting efficiently it is of little benefit. Hence measures to strengthen digestion and metabolism will always accompany your dietary prescription.

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