Personalised Recommendations

healthy-heart-food-in-a-heart-shape--w295h295Everyone’s needs for food and activity are different and your needs can also vary from time to time. By knowing what doshas are imbalanced then diet, lifestyle and other recommendations can be tailored to your specific needs.

Your diet and lifestyle also need to be adapted to your appetite and digestive power, your emotional state, your specific tolerances and intolerances, your strength and fitness, your age, the time of day, the season, etc. The effect of all these influences on your health can be ascertained through assessment of your pulse.

To more accurately tailor you health prescription consult your local Maharishi Ayurveda consultant. Being personalized in this way, the recommendations will be easy for you to follow, in tune with your natural inclinations, and thereby more likely to be continued long-term.

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