Prevention Oriented

Disease starts long before you are aware of it – and often long before it can be detected through modern diagnostic techniques. Early detection is the key to effective preventive health care. The earlier you can detect disease, the easier it is to treat.

Ayurveda identifies six stages in the development of disease. Generally the earliest that modern technology can detect disease is at tte fourth stage. Through the art of nadi vigyan, pulse diagnosis, your Maharishi Ayurveda consultant is able to detect the earlier stages of disease manifestation. At these stages the problem is far easier to rectify.

The first stage of disease is imbalance of the doshas. Hence it is important to know when your doshas are out of balance. Try the dosha quiz to assess if you are brewing any imbalance right now. On completion of the quiz you will be given some simple and effective strategies to correct the imbalance and thereby prevent it developing into a major health problem down the track.

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