Pulse reading

pulse-diagnosis--w250h116Through pulse reading, your Maharishi Ayurveda consultant can assess the state of balance at the foundation of your health. At this level imbalance can be detected at a very early stage. Ayurveda identifies 6 stages in the development of disease, 4 of which are present long before disease presents. Early detection of imbalance, in this way, is the key to effective prevention of disease

On this basis, dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and other Maharishi Ayurveda approaches can be accurately tailored to your specific needs. Because these approaches are designed to restore balance at the foundation of your health, the root cause of disease is removed at the same time health and well-being are nurtured.

It’s interesting that the attention on the pulse also has a rebalancing effect. Self-pulse reading is therefore recommended to assist us know our body better and also assist it to heal itself. Ask your consultant about the classes in Self-Pulse Reading in your area.

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