Self Referral

youthful_brain300--w275h181Sore joints, fatigue and memory loss often associated with ageing indicate imbalance and are not a natural part of growing old. According to Dr Richard Cutler from the U.S. National Institute of Ageing, Ageing may be a process of losing ourselves.” It’s interesting that health in Ayurveda is termed swastha – “swa” means Self and “stha”established. So the key to health and “anti-ageing” is regaining your Self.

In other words, your health and longevity are determined by what you see yourself to be, by what you identify with. If you lose yourself in a financial problem or a difficulty at work then your body reflects that conflict. If you feel lonely and isolated, your body reflects that restricted identity. On the other hand, if you enjoy loving relationships and supportive friendships, then your body will reflect the more lasting value of that expanded identity.

By allowing your mind to transcend the boundaries of everyday affairs and enjoy a thoughtfree state in Transcendental Meditation, the mind identifies with something more unbounded – it identifies with your Self, free from past conditionings. This is Self-referral consciousness or awareness. When this is experienced on a regular basis, your body begins to reflect this unbounded identity. Hence it is not surprising that research has shown that people who practise TM have a biological age 10 years younger than their actual age.

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