Vedic Physiological Purification Program

shiro--w250h138In order to offset the effect of years of bad habits, Maharishi Ayurveda offers a range of sophisticated purification procedures to systematically cleanse and rejuvenate the entire body. The Vedic Physiological Puridfication Program, classically known as Panchakarma,  includes herbalised oil massage techniques, heat therapies and gentle purification procedures – tailored to your needs.

This deeply relaxing therapy acts by deeply cleansing the body’s tissues of accumulated impurities. These impurities prevent the free flow of intelligence in the body by obstructing channels of circulation and communication. Research has shown that these procedures remove toxins stored in your fat cells – toxins which are at the basis of many chronic disorders and unhealthy ageing.  Profound and long-lasting rejuvenation is the result.

This rejuvenation therapy holds great hope for the prevention of many serious illnesses of middle and later life. We often forget that conditions such as cancer, heart disease and various degenerative disorders do not crop up overnight. They are usually the result of years of gradually accumulated imbalances or toxic waste matter in the body – accumulations that can be effectively and thoroughly prevented by regular Panchakarma treatments.

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Ayurveda is famous for these profoundly blissful massage and oil treatments, we carefully train technicians in the authentic, traditional techniques and our Consultants can recommend and oversee your, home phase, day spa or in residence treatment program.

To find out more start with a personal consultation to balance the doshas and eliminate surfaceama, before embarking on Panchakarma treatments to remove fat-soluable toxins and correct imbalances which are the basis of most health concerns.

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