What happens in a consultation?

Pulse-assessment--w250h209A consultion begins with traditional Nadi Vigyan or Pulse Diagnosis, which enables the Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner to gain insight into the underlying cause of any imbalances that may be impacting on your health. Pulse diagnosis will give your Practitioner a snap shot of your entire physiology, your mental and your emotional health. Traditional, time-tested and authentic Ayurveda, our Practitioners are experts in Nadi Vigyan.

On the basis of this simple, non-invasive technique you will receive recommendations tailored to your unique state of health, balance of the doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha and your lifestyle. Along with a diet and daily routine to create balance, other modalities such as aroma therapy, music therapy, light therapy or stress reduction techniques may also be recommended. Maharishi Ayurveda is a complete, integrated system that employs all the tools of Ayurveda to create health of body, mind, emotions and develop your full potential- enlightenment.

You will leave the appointment with effective solutions to optimise restoring balance and easy-to-follow guidelines to enhance your body’s own healing process.


I can’t tell you what a relief it was to finally have someone actually understand what I’ve been going through with my health.. I’ve been to so many doctors appointments and had so many tests, colonoscopies, heart tests, blood tests etc, I’ve been to naturopaths, irridoligists, healers and have spent countless hours pouring over ‘whole food healing’ books and self help books and I’m sure my husband is fed up of hearing me say, ‘I think I’ve got it….!’ and watching me embark on various ‘detox diets’ and spending a fortune on herbal concoctions borne of my research and all the time nothing worked and I just got worse. It’s so tiring sitting in front of people and going through my symptoms time and time again, complex as they are, and just be met with a blank stare. But today in my Maharishi Ayurveda Consultation, before i said a word you read my pulse and explained to me what my symptoms were and described my feelings like they were written on my face.. such a relief as you saw…having you explain how and why these symptoms have arisen and to be given a tailored forward plan – i am so thankful!

Louise from Frankston,Vic- August 2012


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