Rejuvenation Therapies


Over the years your body accumulates impurities caused by imbalance of the doshas. As a result of imbalanced doshas, digestion and cellular metabolism can be disturbed. Disturbed digestion and metabolism not only leads to nutritional deficiency but also results in the build up of a toxic residue known as “ama”. Ama is at the basis of unnatural ageing and most chronic health problems. It is partially recognised today in terms of oxidised proteins and fats, inflammatory products and environment toxins.

The Ayurvedic texts document sophisticated cleansing procedures, known as “Panchakarma”, to eliminate these impurities and restore balance to the doshas. A comprehensive range of gentle and often very pleasant cleansing therapies is available in the Vedic Physiological Purification Program. This program involves 3 phases.

The first phase releases the impurities from the tissues and moves them to the digestive tract for elimination. It includes measures to metabolise ama, various forms of massage, warm oil applications and herbalised steam baths.

The second phase involves the use of internal cleansing procedures. In this phase the impurities, that have been moved from the tissues to the digestive tract, are eliminatedfrom the body.

The final phase is the restorative phase. It involves measures to strengthen your digestion and metabolism followed by rasayana therapyherbal and behavioural approaches to enhance the production of Ojas (the vital essence) in your body. In this way your body and mind are rejuvenated and at the same time disease and unnatural ageing are effectively prevented. 

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Do the Dosha Quiz to test which dosha currently needs balancing and for tips and recommendations to get you on your way to a healthier you.

Your local Consultant can utilise Panchakarma and our range of complete mind/body rejuvenation modalities when tailoring recommendations for your unique state of balance and constitiution.
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