Empowers You to Take Charge of your Own Health

vhbjk--w300h200Maharishi Ayurveda aims to restore a natural Self-referral way of living. As you become more connected with your Self, you become more alert to your body’s signals and more aware of your natural inclinations and desires.

A personal Maharishi Ayurveda consultation will enable you to be more in tune with your body’s intelligence. This is a fundamental step towards taking charge of your own health.

Your health is your responsibility. Only you can know from moment to moment what is best for your body. You need to re-learn what the body is telling you in terms of when it is hungry and when is it satiated, when it wants to exercise or rest, what foods it needs now, what degree of exercise is appropriate now, etc.

Gaining awareness of your body signals and understanding how to avoid creating imbalances is the best way to avert disease. In this way you can easily resume responsibility for your own health.

Take the dosha quiz to determine if the doshas are out of balance in you right now. On completion of the quiz you will be given some simple and effective strategies to balancing your body and mind – thereby preventing health problems from developing in the future.

  Lets us help you with our: Tips on popular health solutions.

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