Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems

gemlighttherapy--w250h188Pure gems, because of their beautiful crystalline symmetry, are the most orderly structures in nature. In their purest forms they are perfect expressions of the intelligence of nature. Using specially designed “gem beamers”, Maharishi Light Therapy harnesses the orderly and nourishing qualities of precious gems to balance and purify subtle levels of the body and awaken your body’s innate orderly intelligence.

By applying the light from the gems in a systematic way, the entire body is brought into balance and its inherent self-healing and self-repair capability is switched on. At the same time it enlivens and refines sensory perception.

There are many reported benefits from this approach including improved health, greater integration and strength, more energy and increasingly more refined perception. It is complementary to all other approaches of Maharishi Ayurveda in promoting high level health and well-being – in developing higher states of consciousness.

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